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strathconaparksignIf you are really eager to see Vancouver Island in all of her natural glory, then a trip to Della Falls near Port Alberni is in order. Located in Strathcona Provincial Park, this is the highest waterfall in Canada at 1443 feet. This area is perfect for a day trip from Nanaimo, and gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy nature and the great hiking trails in the region.

Getting There

Going north on Island Highway, join onto Highway 19 towards Qualicum Beach. Take the exit to Highway 4 west. Follow the highway into Port Alberni. After reaching the town, head west on Highway 4 for about 13 km. Turn onto Great Central Lake Road and follow it to the lake. At the other side of the lake is the base of Della Falls, so you will need to get a water taxi across the lake, or rent a boat. If you are really in shape you can try canoeing or kayaking your way across the 45 km lake, but be prepared for high winds. A rental boat will take a few hours to cross, while the faster water taxis take an hour or less.

What to do

Since the trip to the top of Della Falls is seven hours each way, you likely won't be trekking up the 16km trail on your day trip. There are many other things to do while visiting the park, and several other trails offer great viewpoints of the falls. You can even just sit and have a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery. When you are on your way back, make sure you stop in Port Alberni and check out the town. The next time you are in the area you can plan to give yourself a few days to explore and camp around Della Falls.