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bcferriesAnyone who is planning to spend a fair amount of time or money travelling with BC Ferries to Vancouver Island should know that there are many different ways to save. While some may scoff at the idea of pinching pennies in order to save on travel, when a one-way trip to the Island for a family costs nearly $75 any opportunity to save money means that you have more to spend on food, accommodations and entertainment. The first stop when planning a trip is to visit www.bcferries.com. Here you will find all the information you need in order to plan a trip with BC Ferries. Check out schedules, fares and special promotions, and look for opportunities to save. For example, if you are visiting Victoria or Nanaimo you can save a ton by choosing to park your vehicle at the terminal and walking on instead. Everything you need is in town anyways, and tour operators can get you to other locations easily and affordably. Other ways to save include buying a Sailpass, which allow you to travel on most routes for a defined number of days without paying for additional fares. At $189 for four days or $229 for seven days, this is a great deal for families who want to explore all the great locations accessible by BC Ferries. As an added bonus, if you are a BCAA member you can get an added 10% discount. If you plan to spread out your visit between Vancouver Island and the surrounding area for a month or more, consider another money saving offer called CirclePac. This membership is valid for 30 days and gives you a 15% savings off regular fares.  Although this savings device is more directed towards the daily commuter, if you want to go to many stops on BC Ferries routes then it may be of value for you and your family.