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port-hardyPort Hardy, BC is the northernmost town on Vancouver Island and marks the end of Highway 19 which runs from Port Hardy all the way south along the coast to Victoria at the other end of VI. Port Hardy may only be a small town when compared to Van Isle's other towns and cities but it's the largest community in this region of Vancouver Island. The town is hugely popular with tourists, especially during the summer months and is used as the gateway to Cape Scott Provincial Park on the north-west coast. Port Hardy, BC was named after a former HMS Victory Admiral, Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, and grew with an economy based on the abundant natural resources found in this part of British Columbia. Not just logging, but fishing and mining also originally drove the economy of Port Hardy, and though there are still natural resources it's actually the tourism industry which keeps Port Hardy, BC thriving today! Because it is only a small town there can only be so much accommodation on offer for tourists. In the peak season, visitors are well advised to reserve rooms ahead of arriving to avoid disappointment. Those who are coming to enjoy the great outdoors could bring a tent or an RV as most of the British Columbia Provincial Parks in the north of Vancouver Island offer either organised or unorganised camping facilities. Due to the popularity of the parks, you shouldn't necessarily expect to be able to walk in and find a pitch here either - book ahead if you can! So what else can you see and do in Port Hardy, BC? There's plenty here for an unforgettable stay - wildlife is especially abundant in the area and you might see bald eagles, black bears and deer on land, plus you may be lucky enough to spot a humpback whale splashing about off the coast! Take advantage of the fishing charters and wildlife charters available to fully experience the flora and fauna here. Other popular sights and attractions in Port Hardy, BC include the clock tower, the seawall and the shopping centre, and in Rotary Park in July you can enjoy the Filomi Days celebrations which are fishing, logging and mining festivities, fun for all the family! Rememebr, next time you stay at the Painted Turtle, ask about visiting Port Hardy.