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One of the great appeals of Vancouver Island for tourists and residents alike is the landscape. Lush rain forest covers much of the Island, particularly evident the farther north one goes. Of course, all of that greenery is brought about by one big factor: it rains a lot! That means that frequently, visitors and residents of Nanaimo have to think up things to do on the rainy days that bring the scenery we so enjoy. Here's a top ten list of things to do in the Harbour City when the rain starts to fall down. 1.       Go to the aquatic centre: You can still swim in when it's raining, you just might have to do it indoors. The Nanaimo Aquatic Centre has slides, a big pool, a hot tub, and even a wave pool that provide wet fun for everyone. 2.       Take in some culture: There are several art galleries, museums, and even a theatre located in the city. Going to one is a good opportunity to have a look at some of the unique culture the Island has to offer. 3.       Go scuba diving! Well, you're going to get wet anyway, might as well make the most of it! There are three artificial reefs located in Nanaimo waters, perfect for those who love to watch underwater ecosystems at work. 4.       Look around for some music: Some pretty famous musicians make their homes in Nanaimo, and you never know when there will be a surprise show. Check around the Internet and locally to see if anyone knows where Diana Krall, Allison Kraus, or David Gogo might show up next. 5.       Pub Crawl! Nanaimo has quite a variety of pubs all around the city, particularly in the older areas and around the waterfront. They are the perfect refuge when the rain starts to come down, and you get to sample a lot of different food as well. 6.       Go for a drive: Rain doesn't mean you can't take in the sights, you just may not want to take them in outside. Taking a drive around the city and outside of it is a great way to get familiar with the area. 7.       Shop: Did you know that the City of Nanaimo is the shopping capital of Canada!! There is more square footage of retail space per capita here than any other city in North America - whether it is mall shopping at Woodgrove Centre; checking out the trendy shops in the Old Quarter, or browsing the unique stores that line Commerical and Bastion Streets down by the waterfront (walking distance from the Painted Turtle Guesthouse) - there is much to see and buy! 8.       Participate! Active participation is big amongst certain circles in Nanaimo. If you like to feel the beat, you can probably find a drum circle, a walking tour (regardless of the weather) or an indoor even at the Port Theatre or Vancouver Island Convention Centre - meet some cool people and make new friends. 9.       Get thrifty: Vancouver Island is home to heritage neighbourhoods, with houses full of antiques, vintage knick-knacks and collectables. Nanaimo is no exception! It's an environment where thrift stores thrive, and you can spend a whole day looking at local offerings. 10.   Enjoy the weather! Let's face it, rain isn't always bad. Lots of people take it as a part of the adventure and they don't let the rain stop them from having a great experience in outdoor Nanaimo!