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oldcityquarterThere is no doubt that there are many things to do when visiting Nanaimo BC, but those who like to sightsee should not miss the opportunity to visit Nanaimo's Old City Quarter. Here you will find lovingly restored 100 year old buildings, a variety of fun shopping and some great dining. Located just a few blocks from the harbour, the Old City Quarter is quaint and charming. Here you will find shopping opportunities that appear nowhere else in the world, along with some fantastic architecture. Make sure you visit St. Andrew's United Church on Fitzwilliam for a taste of the incredible workmanship of the late 1800s. More info about specific stores, restaurants and hours are available on their website at http://www.oldcityquarter.com For another historical stop of interest, visit the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway Station (E&N). Built from 1883-1886 and upgraded in 1920 this railway was, and still is a major hub of activity for Vancouver Island. More info on the E&N can be found here: http://www.trainweb.org/canadianrailways/articles/EsquimaltAndNanaimoRailway.htm If, after much touring of the area you are feeling a bit hungry, consider visiting Maffeo's Restaurant on Wentworth Street. Once the home of former Nanaimo mayor Pete Maffeo, it is now the home of a fantastic and authentic Italian restaurant. For a more informal setting there is always New York Style Pizza & Pasta on Wallace Street, which not only has great food but also offers opportunities to listen to live music on the weekends. If you want upscale and intimate, make a reservation as Wesley's Street Café in the heart of the Old City Quarter. Nanaimo's Old City Quarter provides an interesting view on what a small community can do when they put their minds and hearts into a project. The older buildings are restored to perfection, while newer developments use architectural styling that blends in with its surroundings to create a uniform feel. This area is certainly worth seeing if you are in Nanaimo, and is so close to everything else that it makes a lovely early morning or afternoon diversion.