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Super Natural Vancouver Island
Super Natural Vancouver Island
There are many sites to see while hiking in Nanaimo, the hills are full of rolling evergreens and the views are stunningly amazing! Nanaimo has been named for one of the best spots for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Come and see what all Nanaimo, British Columbia has to offer.

A few of the most famous walking areas are found in Nanaimo such as the Nanaimo Heritage walks takes anyone back in time to discover all the wonderful history that can be found in Nanaimo. The Pacific Rim, Rainforest and Recovery tour is known for the amazing history that Nanaimo has to offer such as the Ancient groves, ancient Douglas fir trees and the recovering extinct animals such as the bald eagle and Canadian Geese.

While hiking in Nanaimo one can experience the natural wildlife while walking through the parks of pristine waterfalls at Mt. Benson which drops an amazing 85 feet and while on that walk one can experience the natural wonders of the flowers and abundance of birds nesting in the wild. This tour has some amazing photo opportunities.

Hiking in Nanaimo can lead to some wonderful breath-taking caves, one can walk along the cave path and into the cave that was found back in the 1970's and has some of the most gorgeous crystal formations. At one time this park was closed to keep out vandals but is now re-opened to go on this walk one must participate in a guided tour which is given through various times of the day and throughout the year. The Horne Lake Caves has been voted #1 best outdoor site in all of British Columbia.

While staying in Nanaimo there are many things to do, one can get an itinerary made that takes care of every waking moment while there or one can make their own depending on what is liked to do but no matter what is planned there is an abundance of things to do while in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Hiking, winery tours, Horne Lake Caves, Ammoniate waterfalls, there is an abundance of things to do that it is almost impossible to get it all done in one weekend so plan your visit accordingly and one's trip will not be soon forgotten.