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Before our readers go any further: We do work... Sometimes! The Painted Turtle Guesthouse Staff does enjoy a group outing every once and awhile! There are days that we are hard at work, and those are rewarded by days of play, like at the Parksville Paradise Fun Park! It was only a 30 minute drive for us, but it was well worth the trip! At this fun park, a group of any size, family or just friends of all ages, can enjoy an evening playing mini golf on one (or both) of the two 18-hole mini golf courses. These mini golf courses are really fun with their pirates treasure island themes and more. Johanna and Britta serious about the game at the beginning...yeah right! 1a3 And all seriousness went out the window when Britta got on the boat. 1a1 Girls, play nice! 1a4 Bruce telling us how many strokes this one hole took him. Good job! 1a5 Fun for the whole family! 1a6 Tracey is serious about her mini golf! There's even a section that is called the bumper boats! They are like bumper cars, but in boats and water, and water pistols to soak your friends! Obviously, there were a few times when the PTG Staff ganged up on each other. If you are worried about tipping, don't be, these boats are designed to stay upright and don't move to fast. Thankfully we did this part first so that we could dry off while playing mini golf 1a7 Play nice Bruce! 1a8 I think we got a little carried away with the water pistols.... 1a9 Looks like everyone is about to gang up on someone here.... Afterwards, the Parksville Paradise Fun Park can be enjoyed through their gift shop and unique little dinner-like eating spot. The d├ęcor inside the fun park has a lot of neat stuff to view and look at, and I'm sure that if we were to go again, we'll be seeing things on the walls that we didn't notice before! All in all, it was a fun afternoon for our odd little family that is the Painted Turtle Guesthouse Staff. As you can clearly see by some of our faces in these pictures, we were having a little too much fun. Rest assured that we are back at work and are looking forward to people coming in and visiting us! 1a10 If you are looking to have some home style, laid back fun in Nanaimo, come and see us at the Painted Turtle Guesthouse... we look forward to hosting you! (And showing you where all these neat places are!)