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What do the Vancouver Canucks & Nanaimo have in common?

Apparently 'Towel Power'!
I just read this morning's article in the Nanaimo News Bulletin entitled 'Towel Power has strong Nanaimo ties,' and it made me both proud & energized so I am sharing it with you too.
Butts Giraud, a Nanaimo resident & business owner (apparently of Canada's #1 imprintable activewear store - check out www.dogsear.com) is not an ordinary guy.  From CFL footballer to world belly-flop champion he says that "It's not the great ideas that count; it's acting on them." And t

Help colour downtown Nanaimo's Commercial Street

CVI Centre for the Arts Nanaimo (CAN) is now accepting applications from local artists to paint seven (7) banners which will be displayed on the banner poles on the Commercial Street entrance at the Nanaimo Arts Centre. The banner artwork should reflect the mandate of our organization and the Nanaimo Arts Centre, which encompasses a range of arts and culture in Nanaimo; dance, theatre, music, visual arts, heritage, and West Coast culture.

Exceptional team players wanted at the Painted Turtle Guesthouse!

The Painted Turtle Guesthouse is Nanaimo's exclusive Hostelling International accommodation property and was awarded Best Small Hostel in Canada in 2007.  As we expand our team, we are on the lookout for exceptional small business team players. 

11th Annual Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable

 The Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable

Whistler for New Years, German Style!

Hallo Painted Turtle- Fans! Es ist schon wieder eine Weile vergangen und die Tage gehen verdammt schnell vorbei. Nun ist schon die Haelfte meiner Zeit in Nanaimo vorbei.

Christmas on the Island

With Christmas nearly here now is the time to get out and explore all the great things Nanaimo and the surrounding area have to offer to get you in the holiday spirit!

Come to Vancouver Island on the new International Experience Canada Visa!

It's not just a one-year working holiday anymore! Australia and Canada have come to an agreement on a new two-year visa, which allows Australians 18-30 to work, play and stay with no previous job offer required. It’s not a one-time deal anymore; Aussies can come back to Canada under the same program for more fun and adventures!

Entertaining the Grandkids During the Holidays!

 Are your grandkids coming to Nanaimo for the holiday season? There are TONS of kid friendly activities to try! Take them on the Nanaimo Bar Trail and literally taste Nanaimo! Originating in the 1950’s, Nanaimo Bars are sweet dessert bars made with a brownie and coconut bottom with vanilla custard topped with a thin layer of dark chocolate. Something the grandkids are sure to love! And for the grandparents, try a Nanaimo Bar Martini or a Nanaimo Bar Latte!